Regulations of the International Chess Tournament “Supreme Masters”

Rogaland, Norway, 7-18 May 2013

FIDE’s Laws of Chess will apply.

Tournament Regulations

  • Ten players are to take part in the Tournament;
  • The Tournament is a round-robin event;
  • The Tournament consists of 9 rounds.
  • The drawing of lots will be settled by a blitz tournament on the 7th of May.
    Time control: 4 min + 2 sec increment for each move.
    A: Most games with black
    B: Most wins
    C: Most wins with black
    D: Coin toss
  • The winner of the blitz tournament will choose his number in the main tournament.
    Number two will then choose his number and so on.
    There will be a symbolic prize fund for the blitz tournament.
  • The time control is 1 h 40 min for 40 moves + 50 min for 20 moves + 15 min for the rest of the game with an increment of 30 seconds per move, starting from the first; the Participant is  obliged to record the moves on the score sheet, starting from the first move.
  • There will be 1 point for victory, ½ point for draw.
  • The “Sofia” rule will apply.
  • Money prizes will be shared among the players with the same sum of points.
    This does not apply for the first prize.
  • In case of shared first place, there will be a blitz match to decide the winner.
    If two players share first place, there will be a 2 game match with the same time control as in the blitz tournament: 4 min + 2 sec increment for each move. If this match ends in a tie, there will be an Armageddon game where white has 5 min+2 sec increments and black has 4 min+2 sec increment with draw odds.If more than two players share first place, there will be a double round robin with the same tiebreak rules as the opening blitz tournament.
    The remaining players in this blitz tournament will share their money prizes.
  • Tiebreak:
    A: Sonneborn Berger
    B: Most wins
    C: Most wins with black
    D: Shared place and prizes.
  • The playing venue will be mainly the Quality Hotel Residence in Sandnes, but 4-5 rounds will be held in various places within 15-45 minutes from the Hotel. We would like to show as much of the region as possible. All of the venues will be of excellent standard, and the players will be comfortably transported there.
  • After each round the participants shall comment on their games and answer questions from the press at the press center;
  • The dress code during the games is elegant casual: i.e. long trousers, shirt, and jacket, with or without tie (no t-shirts, no jeans, no sports shoes or sneakers). The dress code during the opening and closing ceremonies is formal: i.e. (dark) suit with tie.
  • The Participant is expected to be present at the start of the round as courtesy to his opponent and the sponsor and to give the press the opportunity to take photos. If the participant is not present in the playing area at the start of the game he will be fined 100 Euro. The total of the fines will be given to a good cause.
  • If, because of illness, a player is not able to play the next round, the organizer will, together with the player and the player’s opponent, try to find a solution.
    The solution can be to play the game on one of the free days, or in the morning of the next round.
    The player’s opponent can refuse to play in the morning, but not on a free day. If this occurs in round 8 or nine, the player who has fallen ill has to forfeit. The player will be examined by a medical doctor.
    If the player is unable to continue the tournament for medical reasons, he will have to withdraw, and the player’s remaining opponents will score a win against him.
  • Both the players and the organizers will try to settle any disputes in a friendly and constructive way.
  • An Appeals commission will be appointed. It will consist of players, arbiters and organizer.